About Us

Our Story

We started as a grassroots facebook group made up of parents with dyslexic kids and teens in Conroe ISD. We realized early on we don’t know what we don’t know, and coming together to share information, resources, and experiences helped us collectively and individually. As we grew to be included in a statewide dyslexia coalition we also realized our common struggles were indeed systemic. We found that working together with legislators and elected officials (School Board Trustees and State Board Of Education Representatives) likewise helped our collective population.

We are parents of dyslexic students with related disorders that have learned a lot along the way, and enjoy helping others navigate the journey and processes to build a better future for kids and teens with dyslexia and related disorders.

Nicole May

Mother of two incredible dyslexic sons. Each son's dyslexia presents differently, so learning what works for each son has been important. Grateful wife to a supportive husband. Former foster mom to my precious foster son that is also dyslexic. I love helping other dyslexia families find the path through an often times confusing system and process. I believe change is needed from a policy standpoint, as our collective struggles are indeed systemic. Therefore we are stronger togther with a unified voice. Dylexia is my passion, and my mission!

Shannon Vallaro

I have been proud to work in Conroe ISD for many years. I began as a parent volunteer. My journey began in PTO. That led to serving on an Attendance Boundary Committee for Snyder Elementary and The District-Level Planning and Decision-Making Committee (DLPDMC) for two years with Dr. Stockton and Dr. Hines. I have been honored with a Friend of Education award and later as an employee, an Ambassador Award. I strive to go above and beyond because I love the students and I believe they deserve the best education. Unfortunately, my husband and I have learned hard lessons at the expense of my oldest child while we help her navigate the ever-changing world of dyslexia. Chris and I are proud of our 3 children. Two of which have been diagnosed with dyslexia. We hope to help other families have a successful journey with their incredible children.