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  • 1 in 5 people are Dyslexic. Dr Sally Shaywitz, Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity

  • 80% of the prison population are functionally illiterate. 48% are dyslexic.

  • Texas is under a Federal corrective action from the Dept. Of Education for denying dyslexic students their IDEA rights.

  • OSEP named Dyslexia over 50 times in it's October 2020 correspondence to Texas regarding the above Corrective Action.

  • OSEP communicated Texas's ongoing Corrective Action non compliance with TEA August 2021, citing dyslexia as the main issue.

  • HB 3880 in the 87th Legislature would have aligned Dyslexia wth Federal law, IDEA.

  • Dyslexia families all over Texas converged on the capital to help pass HB 3880, as our issues are indeed systemic.

Dyslexia In Texas

"Years ago, Texas was a forerunner in recognizing both the potential of students with dyslexia and their unique educational needs. However, Texas is currently the subject of an ongoing federal investigation that started in 2018 because of the state’s violations of federal education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). In OSEP's October 2020 communication with Texas about the investigation, dyslexia is mentioned more than 50 times. The latest communication to TEA from OSEP in August of 2021 outlines the ongoing confusion in districts regarding the bifurcated identifiaction system in place in Texas. As laws and times have changed, Texas has stubbornly refused to evolve, to the detriment of its children."

MOCO Dyslexia Partnership would like to help our Texas legislators improve identification and services for the 20% of the population that is dyslexic. We are here to partner with our elected officials, and work towards better soltutions for all struggling readers in Texas. As parents, we believe the issues dyslexia families face is indeed systemic. A well informed legislator and elected official (School Board Trustee and State Board of Education Represenative) are powerful tools in the tool box of change. MOCO Dyslexia Partnership is here to help bridge the information gap, build awareness for our dyslexic population, and erase the stigma surrounding Special Education.

Texas Dyslexia Coalition

MOCO Dyslexia Partnership and Conroe ISD Parent Dyslexia Group are proud members of the Texas Dyslexia Coalition. The Coalition is made up of parent lead advocacy groups from all over Texas. The mission of the Coalition is to advocate for the educational rights of students with dyslexia. The Coalition works together on statewide initiatives to help ensure the mission of protecting the rights of students with dyslexia is met. The Coaltion meets and works together on a regular basis. We are Texas dyslexia parents that have unified our voices.

The Coalition has constituents all over Texas.