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If your nonprofit works with vulnerable kids and teens in the public school system we can help.

  • There are approximately 30,000 foster kids in Texas.

  • There are approximately 90,000 kids in the military in Texas.

  • We know 20% of the population is dyslexic.

  • That’s 24,000 very vulnerable dyslexic students.

Advocacy in the public education system is key to success for struggling readers. If your organization works with youth that do not currently have a strong parental advocate, or if your organization works with youth that have parents that are looking to develop advocacy skills then we are here to help bridge the information gap, which will help ensure our state's most vulnerable dyslexic populations are not left behind. We also have strong relationships with dyslexia experts in the state, and will happily make those introductions to best serve the vulnerable student.

The IDEA framework specifically protects students who move frequently or unexpectedly with a provision called Stay Put which requires the same educational programming written into the IEP document to continue at the new school. Currently, under Texas' bifurcated system Dyslexia programming is portrayed to families as a general ed accommodation. Even when a student has an IEP, often times the Dyslexia program is not included in the IEP document. This statewide practice harms students who move because the Stay Put provision only includes what is written in an IEP. For Military connected students moving to a new state, all students with 504 plans or students with IEPs written as Dyslexia services served in Gen Ed must start the process over in their new state. This strategy of keeping dyslexia out of IDEA bars them from having a document that would have required similar services immediately continue in their new location.

The current pathway to identification and services in Texas deprives kids that are in transient situations from protections or safety nets for dyslexia interventions and they fall further behind. In short, our system is flawed for our most vulnerable struggling readers.

At MOCO Dyslexia partnership we are passionate about helping our community's most vulnerable students that struggle to read in school. As parents with struggling readers many of us have had to layer on expensive tutoring to ensure our kids/teens will be successful students. We ALL pondered, with shock and sadness, "what happens to the kids and teens that don't have families that can provide expensive outside services?" MOCO Dyslexia Partnership was 100% started with these very vulnerable kids and teens in mind. We can help! We are here to serve those kids and teens, and it is our honor to do so.

"Literacy is the passport to the world." Dr. Sharon Vaughn, The Meadows Center

Services Provided

  • We can help create a training for your advocates, and tailor the training to your organization's needs.

  • We can bring in dyslexia experts to discuss specific topics related to reading and advocacy.

  • We can connect you with a dyslexia expert to help with a specific student's needs.

  • We can help empower parents by providing them key information to help them better advocate for their child in the public education system.

  • We can empower parents by welcoming them into our well established parent network with fellow dyslexia families.

Please email us at for more information. We are passionate about helping our community's most vulnerable students that struggle to read in school.